Kelcroft delivers expert green building and energy consultancy services, BEAM (formerly HK-BEAM), and sustainable building advisory services across Asia. Our green expertise is based on thirty years international building services construction experience, and a decade involved with the development of BEAM, core competencies include:



Kelcroft’s expertise helps building owners, developers, architect’s and designers navigate the building building maze of standards and regulations for BEAM (HK BEAM) Certification for commercial buildings and residential buildings. Kelcroft has also provided advice for contractors, developers, and architects during the bidding stage for contracts demanding BEAM (HK-BEAM) compliance. Disappointed with your BEAM rating? call the experts today.

Hong Kong Green Building Council

Kelcroft was one of the first organisations to join Hong Kong Green Building Building Council (HKGBC) and a patron sponsor.

Kelcroft is committed to creating a better, sustainble built environment

John A. Herbert

Our director Mr John A. Herbert, is an authority on sustainable green building, energy efficiency and a frequent speaker at major international conferences for green building. And he is frequently quoted in regional media for his key insights on the positioning of the Asian energy sector.

DevB, Paul Chan presents BEAM Award to John A. Herbert

DevB, Paul Chan presents BEAM Award to John A. Herbert

John is also a member of the HKGBC faculty.

Green Building Faculty John A. Herbert

Kelcroft is is committed to creating a better sustainable built environment, contact the sustainable building experts today! +(852) 2335 9830

Director John A. Herbert, Kelcroft is committed to creating a better built environment

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