BEAM Procedure Update – May 2014

by John A. Herbert

A significant change to the BEAM Assessment system was published by HKGBC on 25 April 2014.
BEAM consultant

In section two clause which first states the assessment procedure is a two step Provisional Assessment (PA) and Final Assessment, a new clause has been inserted:

If an Applicant wishes to omit the Provisional Assessment, it is permitted provided there is reasonable justification.

How this will operate is beyond my pay grade. As usual, no information is provided, so we are all left in the dark for now.

A Developer may have or divine a number of reasons, but the key question is who has any authority to refute or question the justification furnished by the Developer who has all the information? It raises more questions than it answers.


Assessment Cost Savings

By now you are probably thinking that bypassing the PA stage will be beneficial because it will save costs, resulting from a lower Assessment fee, but you would be wrong about that, as the next sentence elucidates:

In such case, there shall be no reduction in registration and assessment fees due to such omission.

Yet again how this will work in practice, its difficult to predict. Where a Developer skips the PA stage, there are no rules, forms or advice, BSL may only find out the when the FA arrives for Assessment.

Considering the time and expense to engage advisers to help prepare the necessary documentation for PA stage submission it is likely that Developer’s will opt to skip PA stage entirely.

This new procedure will have no impact on BEAM Interiors (BI) project because BI is a single-stage Assessment process. However, BI was designed from day one to be a single stage process, whereas BEAM EB and NB where not.