Building Science Mould (mold)

by John A. Herbert

mold mould Hong Kong

We spend many hours inside buildings every day, whether its your office, home, or place of entertainment (cinemas, shopping centres, etc.) therefore the quality of the air we breathe everyday should be a very important issue, yet our buildings often let us down, mould (or mold) being a common issue. The key to avoiding mould (mold) is minimising moisture, and one of the key measures to manage moisture is good ventilation.

mold mould Hong Kong

But ventilation alone does not tell the whole story because understanding the science, some might argue that is a lost art, is required to find identify source, and rectify problems.

Surface mould can be easily be seen, and washed down. But mould, hidden inside walls, and floors is far more difficult to detect, and once detected treated. Mould can cause health problems, allergies, for occupants, and moisture left unattended can even destroy the fabric of your building.