Offset your increasing energy costs

Hong Kong notched up another record, 2019 was the hottest year since records began in 1884 the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) revealed [1].

It should be no surprise really, almost every year HKO reports that temperatures have been steadily increasing year on year, a trend that is not so easy to reverse.

Asia is dominated by the use of electricity for air conditioning, and warmer weather means higher energy bills, and it is not just a local affair either, Australia is also suffering from hotter temperatures and devasting wildfires.

In addition to warmer weather, increasing the air conditioning running hours, the Hong Kong electricity tariffs increased again in 2020, which will add 3-5% to your energy bills.

To offset the increasing costs, building owners can use the subsidies provided by HEC [2] and CLP to help finance energy efficiency upgrades for the building communal systems, including air conditioning, lifts, lighting, and pumps.