Appliances Planned Obsolesce

Appliance manufacturers stop supporting their equipment early, forcing customers to buy new appliances. In the CBC report, one example, a replacement fridge compressor is no longer available for a three-year-old fridge!

Repairing an appliance is commonsense, you wouldn’t give up and throw your car into the landfill if the compressor fails after three years, would you?

Here is the CBC website article:

Their strategy has certainly changed, failing to provide support and parts is planned obsolesce. Manufacturers are failing to provide support, schematics, servicing, or parts voluntarily, therefore legislation is needed to keep new appliances out of the landfill.

In response, the new European Union (EU) right to repair rules will require manufacturers to provide spare parts for at least seven years after the date of purchase, for some types of appliances, like washing machines the requirement it will be 10 years. And manufacturers are mandated to deliver the parts within 15 working days!

Preventing Planned Obsolesce is the response to manufacturers’ increasing failure and its good for sustaining local technicians supporting your economy.