July 2020 hottest on record

John Herbert

To anyone that will listen, will have heard me moaning and complaining that July 2020 was HOT! It was the hottest since 1993 for sure. HKO [1] has confirmed that July 2020 was the hottest July on record since records began in 1884.

The monthly mean maximum temperature of 33.3 degrees, monthly mean temperature of 30.2 degrees and monthly mean minimum temperature of 28.3 degrees were 1.9 degrees, 1.4 degrees and 1.5 degrees above their corresponding normal figures respectively, all of them being the highest of the corresponding monthly mean values on record.

HKO press release 4 August 2020

July 2020 also recorded the highest number of 21 hot nights (defined by HKO) and the highest number of consecutive hot nights! that will increase hotel and residential operating costs. HKO app was reporting dry bulb temperatures up to 36 deg C which is higher than 35 deg C maximum summertime design temperature listed in the Hong Kong Building Energy Code.

Big Data Nonsense

One result will be increased building operating costs and energy bills. However, all the hype over Big Data bandwagon didn’t help you right? Big data is just historical data, a view of the past, analysis of historical data doesn’t predict the future.

1 https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202008/04/P2020080400524.htm