Embodied Energy Reality

By John Herbert (@johnherbert)

What is the reality in construction?

So, the structural drawings and calculations are complete, the architect drawings are complete, the scheme has been through BD approval process, the MEP engineering drawings are complete, the QS measured quantities and prepared the bill, the contract documents are done, and scheme has been signed off by client.

So now is the perfect time to assess the embodied energy? Assessing the embodied energy based on completed contract documents is purely an academic exercise, it’s too late, far too late because the key decisions that could have impacted the embodied energy were cast in stone months earlier.

Tools that promoting assessment based on the “finished design” steals opportunity to influence material choice and a lower embodied energy path. Think about it.

learn more about embodied energy http://www.kelcroft.com.hk/carbon-embodied-energy.htm