Leading The Pack

The results from the Decarbonising Hong Kong public consultation were published by the Council for Sustainable Development in November 2020, one of the recommendations was energy saving building design.

One of our completed projects was featured in a HKGBC video, the HKUST Indoor Sports Center, Sai Kung, started years ago, but already incorporated energy saving building design.

It was a team effort, the whole team, the client, the engineers, the architect, and the contractor clicked, and delivered a project that scored 80% independently assessed used BEAM PLUS NB rating tool, earn final gold rating. It was challenging because BEAM PLUS NB is designed for a new build, not an extension over an existing building. The result I hope demonstrates and inspires future possibilities.

ABOVE: HKUST Indoor Sports Center

HKUST Indoor Sports Center achieved BEAM PLUS New Buildings Final Gold Certificate with an overall score of 80 points!

John Herbert was the project BEAM Professional, providing BEAM consulting, sustainable building design consultant, lighting consulting, and environmental consultant for the HKUST Indoor Sports Center, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

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