BEAM consultant – Interiors

by John Herbert

BEAM Plus Interiors is the preferred green office rating tool in Hong Kong for Hong Kong offices, retail, and shops. It was conceived and designed by BEAM Society Limited, specifically tailored for the Hong Kong office and commercial workplace.

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Our director, Mr John Herbert provided the training course and lectures for more than 600 BEAM Professionals, to advance understanding and practice of the Interiors rating tool in the high density Hong Kong context.

Unlike other tools, and resulting from the leasing arrangements the tool is structured to suit the market, where most office space is rented within a large commercial building, and the result is that both the building owner and tenant control certain aspects of the operation.

The first and most important decision will be selecting the BEAM Interiors practitioners for the team planning your office, even before choosing your office space.

BEAM Interiors is sub-divided into different categories, covering all the environmental influences and impacts, for easy reference:

  • Green Building Attributes (GBA)
  • Management (MAN)
  • Energy Use (EU)
  • Materials (MA)
  • Water Use (WU)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Innovations (IV)

BEAM PLUS and BEAM Interiors is private sector initiative, and entirely voluntary, successful projects are awarded an independent BEAM certificate including Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum award, to demonstrate your environmental credentials to the world.

BEAM PLUS Interiors is part of a family of ratings tools covering BEAMPLUS New Buildings, BEAMPLUS Existing Buildings, BEAM PLUS Neighbourhoods and BEAM PLUS Interiors for fitting out work.

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