EMSD Cooling Tower Audit

emsd cooling tower audit, hong kong

In Hong Kong EMSD (www.emsd.gov.hk) requires an independent audit of cooling tower system every year, and still in 2016 it is needed. In the photo above the cooling tower basin is contaminated with dirty, and algae grow has started.

emsd cooling tower audit

Prevention of Legionnaires’ disease code model condenser side water schematic

The EMSD Code of Practice part 2 is the standard to assess the cooling tower operation, and the annually conducted audit requires document review of the procedures and a physical inspection of the towers inside and out, then adjudicate compliance.

Who can conduct EMSD cooling tower audit in Hong Kong? Kelcroft conducts independent EMSD cooling tower audit.

EMSD cooling tower audit

BEAM PLUS Existing Building (EB) Launch 24 March 2016

Kelcroft’s director Mr John A. Herbert attended the BEAM PLUS EV V2 launch at the Zero Carbon Building on 24 March 2016.
BEAM PLUS EB launch, John A. Herbert
Sec for Environment Mr K.S. Wong was one of the officiating guests. The latest version of BEAM EB has two alternative paths for compliance, either the Applicant can submit an application for the whole building (comprehensive) or by different stages (selective) the latter designed to provide more flexibility for building owners.


About Kelcroft

Kelcroft is a built environment consultant based in Hong Kong providing expertise in the green building and energy sectors.

Light Pollution

Kelcroft’s director John A. Herbert was a guest on the RTHK Radio 3 backchat programme on 5 April 2016 the topic under debate was light pollution.

John A. Herbert

John A. Herbert Photo credit: RTHK

The BEAM PLUS green building rating tool, includes SA15 Light Pollution, its criteria is designed to encourage developers to plan and arrange the works to avoid light pollution. One simple measure to minimise light pollution would be preventing installation of lighting fittings aimed skywards Herbert said


Building Science Mould (mold)

by John A. Herbert

mold mould Hong Kong

We spend many hours inside buildings every day, whether its your office, home, or place of entertainment (cinemas, shopping centres, etc.) therefore the quality of the air we breathe everyday should be a very important issue, yet our buildings often let us down, mould (or mold) being a common issue. The key to avoiding mould (mold) is minimising moisture, and one of the key measures to manage moisture is good ventilation.

mold mould Hong Kong

But ventilation alone does not tell the whole story because understanding the science, some might argue that is a lost art, is required to find identify source, and rectify problems.

Surface mould can be easily be seen, and washed down. But mould, hidden inside walls, and floors is far more difficult to detect, and once detected treated. Mould can cause health problems, allergies, for occupants, and moisture left unattended can even destroy the fabric of your building.

BEEO compliance for new construction

by John A. Herbert

emsd cocr stage 1

How to comply with BEEO ordinance for new construction?

To build in Hong Kong you follow the traditional BD submission format, but you must also fulfil the mandatory requirements detailed in the Building Energy Efficiency Code (BEEO). How does that impact the construction process?

The building owner must engage an EMSD Registered Energy Assessor (REA) to complete and issue EMSD Form EE1, also known as Stage 1 Certificate of Compliance Registration (COCR), and an EMSD Form EE2, known as Stage 2 COCR.

When does the COCR need to be issued?

Stage 1 COCR must be submitted within two months after obtaining BD consent. For Stage 2 COCR, that must be submitted within four months after obtaining BD Occupation permit.

further details are provided on the EMSD website.


updated EMSD energy code 2015 published

by John. A. Herbert
emsd REA John A. Herbert
EMSD has published the updated Building Energy Code 2015 and Energy Audit Code 2015 (refer to the EMSD website http://www.emsd.gov.hk). Kelcroft provides REA services to comply with code requirements.

John. A Herbert attended World Green Building Council Congress 2015 Hong Kong

Kelcroft is patron sponsor for Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) so naturally our director Mr John A. Herbert, attended the World Green Building Council (www.worldgbc.org) Congress 2015, this year held in Hong Kong.

John a. Herbert attended world gbc congress kelcroft-wgbc-2015

The bonus, this event was attended by member of the World GBC, members from around the planet joined the conference in Hong Kong, over the two day event. John A. Herbert met members from Malaysia GBC, Philippines GBC, Qatar GBC, Germany GBC, and South Africa’s GBC amongst others.

Herbert said “the 2015 congress was truly a global event, with fantastic speakers from different countries”.


John A. Herbert attended Eco Expo Asia 2015

Kelcroft’s director Mr John A. Herbert, attended the annual Eco Expo Asia 2015.

BEAM award for Mr John A. Herbert – Sept 2015

John A. Herbert John A. Herbert