Help Your Planet

by John Herbert

Kids are far smarter than we given them credit. Possibly the best gift for your children is a Kelcroft audit, and help save the eco system problems. That is a story you can tell to your kids!

Mouldy Hotel Experience Asia

You’re looking forward to that trip, you’ve booked a nice hotel, and you’re looking forward to that whole “hotel experience”, but in Asia, it can be an unpleasant experience.

Whether its Black, Purple or Pink, mould can cause a variety of ill health, different people suffer different symptoms, and some people are far more sensitive to mould than others.

Mouldy Hotel Experience Asia

In this hotel photo (above), it’s easy to spot the purple mould growing under the window, but just wiping the surface doesn’t stop growth or prevent its root cause. Moisture is the problem, the precursor for mould, don’t stop the moisture, you can never stop the mould.

Mould breeds more mould, the visible sign indicates you probably have mould spores airborne, ready to colonise the rest of the building.

Mouldy Hotel Experience AsiaOften, the hotel manager is completely unaware, until the world has already read it on trip advisor.

Kelcroft’s decades of experience, solve mould problems fast, with the benefit of an infra-red camera, the root cause can be identified and fixed, before the hotel reviews damage the business, saving both time and money in the process.