Help Your Planet

by John Herbert

Kids are far smarter than we given them credit. Possibly the best gift for your children is a Kelcroft audit, and help save the eco system problems. That is a story you can tell to your kids!

Getting to Zero Carbon

Achieving carbon neutrality, also known as net zero will be more expensive for some organisations than others. Steam is a fantastic medium, if the steam system is properly designed, installed and maintained. This is a short video clip showing the failed steam system condensate trap I discovered, wasting energy and water, making the steam boilers work harder.

✅ Check the condensate system while under load

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Embodied Energy Reality

By John Herbert (@johnherbert)

What is the reality in construction?

So, the structural drawings and calculations are complete, the architects drawings are complete, the scheme has been through BD approval process, the MEP engineering drawings are complete, the QS measured quantities and prepared the bill, the contract documents are done, and scheme has been signed off by client.

So now is the perfect time to assess the embodied energy? No, assessing the embodied energy based on completed contract documents is a purely an academic exercise, it’s too late, far too late to influence key decisions that could impact the embodied energy.

Think about it, tools that promoting assessment based on the finished design drawings steals any opportunity to influence choice of materials and therefore options for lowering embodied energy.

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