secret life of Variable Speed Drives by John A. Herbert

Following the success of the secret life of chillers, the secret life of Variable Speed Drives (VSD) might be equally important.
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Variable Speed Drives (VSD), also known as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) can replace motor starters and lower energy costs, but this graph above (real data) shows the motor speed remains pretty constant all day long.  Continue reading

Improving Hong Kong’s Green Buildings looking forward by John A. Herbert

by John A. Herbert
green building, john herbert is green building expert

In the 2017 Policy Address by CE C.Y. Leung there is just hint that the present loophole that allows non-green buildings to obtain GFA concessions will be tightened. Continue reading

Smart Building Label

What is a smart building label? It is an independent certificate to demonstrate your building is a really smart building. The public is tired of self declarations, particularly in the green space, there is even a term for it “greenwashing”, it is too easy for a building owner to simply declare my building is “green” or my building is smart building, without it undergoing any independent assessment.