Green Development Strategy

Kelcroft provides advice and consultancy for initial site and building development strategies needed to develop greener buildings and cities. Too often the design team are disappointed to find that their new design can’t be certified. First things first, at the outset, and before the architects pen hit the paper consult Kelcroft experts who provide advice and guidance to your team from day one.

Green Development Strategy, green site development consultant Hong Kong China

Our integrated approach also means that initial opportunities can be seized, and potential problems are “designed out” during this crucial planning stage. Also the cost of the MEP services can be reduced where Kelcroft is engaged by studying the building, layout, orientation, planning for renewable energy, shading, etc. In a resource poor world more design and less materials will be needed.

We don’t replace planners or designer, we offer key guidance before decisions concerning the layout  become almost irreversible. Before the master plan is drawn up, before the GBP is submitted, before the design is approved, contact the expert John. A. Herbert, BEAM Professional.