ASHRAE 188 Legionella Audit

Concerned about the safety in your buildings? Kelcroft conducts Water system audits in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 188, Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems 2012.

Hot Water Temperature set 31 deg C for shower

Hot Water Temperature set too low at 31 Deg C for shower!

Our building inspection covers all risks associated with Legionella from buildings, including plumbing systems, and appliances in hotels, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

Cold Water Piping at Street Level, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

To avoid Legionella infection in buildings (excluding cooling towers) :

General Precautions

  • Create Awareness – the risk of contracting a Legionella infection is greatly increased after cleaning and maintenance works including city mains works
  • Prevent nutrients in the distribution, keep the water systems clean;
  • Prevent stagnation, eliminate deadlegs, removal of infrequently used piping and outlets;
  • Prevent seeding, nutrients, bacteria drawn from stagnant and deadleg piping and fittings;
  • Prevent using natural materials, for example rubber;

Hot Water

  • General precautions and;
  • Store and maintain your domestic Hot Water ≥ 60 Deg C;
  • Where hot and cold water is mixed for showers use self draining appliances;
  • Prevention stagnant circulate the water in  Hot water heaters, pumps and pipework distribution;
  • Prevent renewable energy systems creating low temperature hot water 20-40 deg C;
  • Keep all appliances, fixtures, piping, and fittings clean;
  • Always follow the manufacturers recommendations;

Cold Water Services

  • General Precautions and;
  • Store and maintain Cold Water ≤ 20 Deg C;


  • General precautions and;
  •  Monitor every appliance that could create an aerosol including but not limited to, showers, jet washers, hose outlets, spray taps, fountains, emergency eye wash stations
  • Control infrequently used appliances such as emergency eye wash stations and other infrequently used appliances;

The new ASHRAE Standard 188 uses a Hazard assessment approach, to examine critical control points (CCP) and monitoring recommended corrective actions.