Green Building Consultant

Kelcroft’s expertise is unique, John Herbert, Kelcroft’s director and Head of Sustainable building is a Green Building professional, and he has been closely involved with the development of the Hong Kong BEAM and BEAM PLUS rating tool for more than 10 years.

John helped Hong Kong University Science and Technology (HKUST) achieve Final Gold award for its landmark Indoor Sports Center on the Sai Kung campus. It was a challenging project because it was built as extension over an existing building but using the BEAM PLUS NEW Building (NB) rating tool, a tool that was never designed to assess such a building. the project was awarded score overall 80% with several green features, more project photos and details here:

Also one of our projects was featured as in World Green Building week showcase:

sustainable building consultant BEAM consultant

His credentials include:

  • Hong Kong BEAM Professional
  • Hong Kong BEAM Technical Committee Member
  • Hong Kong BEAM Faculty Member
  • Hong Kong BEAM Framework and Innovation Panel Chairman (2010-2012)
  • Hong Kong BEAM Faculty Water Use panel member
  • Hong Kong BEAM Framework and Innovation Panel member
  • Hong Kong BEAM Society Limited Director
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council Member
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council Patron
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council Faculty Member
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council Faculty Selection Committee Member
  • Chairman, Hong Kong BEAM Technical Review Panel
  • Chairman, Hong Kong BEAM Interiors Steering Committee
  • Author Hong Kong BEAM Bespoke rating tool
  • Green Globes Professional (GGP)
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council BESToo Accredited Assessor
  • Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Kelcroft has advised firms on the BEAM, BEAM Interiors, and LEED rating tools for construction projects in Hong Kong and China.

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Renewable Energy Planning and Assessment

Using the latest technology Kelcroft arranges to log the on-site wind speed and direction, and solar energy to properly design the renewable energy system for your development.

Beyond Just Buildings

Buildings are not developed in isolation, either in the community or part of an estate, and that is where the latter needs to plan, an overall strategy  to ensure the goal and achievements are recognised.  The majority have had enough of greenwashing, and turn to independent certifications as a short-cut to determine the creditability of green claims.

An independent certification also avoids the need for individual customers conducting extensive research to claims. Planning an entire green sustainable development requires detailed advice from day one…… read more >>