Hong Kong BEAM Consultant

Kelcroft provides expert green building BEAM consultancy, and advisory services in Asia. Our expert green sustainable building service, is based on nearly thirty years construction experience and unique knowledge of the BEAM rating tools.

Hong Kong BEAM Rating Tool

The BEAM PLUS rating tool is the local green building rating tool of choice for green building labelling in Hong Kong with more than ten million sqm. certified, it is the most popular rating system in Hong Kong. And, the World Green Building Council always recommend’s using the local rating tool!

The suite of labelling tools includes BEAM PLUS New buildings (NB), BEAM PLUS Existing Buildings (EB), and BEAM Plus Interiors (BI). New Tools and revisions are in progress, and the number of developers adopting BEAM increases everyday.

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BEAM PLUS New Buildings (NB)


BEAM PLUS NB sets out sustainable building goals through best practice criteria for the planning, design, installation and commissioning new buildings, the BEAM requirements are sub divided into six categories:

  1. Site Aspects
  2. Material Aspects
  3. Energy Use
  4. Water Use
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. Innovation

Each category has a different weighting, and the weighted score is combined to determine the overall result, and based on that assessment, the building could be awarded a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate, which is valid for five years.

BEAM NB has undergone constant updates and improved since the first edition.

BEAM Plus Interiors (BI)

BEAM Plus Interiors is the new rating tool for green offices, retail, hotel rooms and fitout spaces, it was launched in August 2013, this rating tool has 100 requirements, divided into seven categories:

  1. Green building Attributes
  2. Management
  3. Material Aspects
  4. Energy Use
  5. Water Use
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality
  7. Innovation

Similar to BEAM NB, the overall points score determines whether the project could be awarded a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze BI certificate.

Kelcroft Awards

Kelcroft was appointed the BEAM consultant for a prestigious project in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong and the project was subsequently featured in the 2012 World Green Building Week (LINK).

Kelcroft’s BEAM Credentials

Our director has been involved with the development and operation of BEAM for more than ten years, including:

  1. Chairman, BEAM Technical Review Panel
  2. Chairman, BEAM Water Aspects Panel
  3. Member, BEAM Technical Review Committee
  4. Member, BEAM Technical Review Panel
  5. Instructor, BEAM Professional and BEAM Assessor Training courses
  6. BEAM Professional no BP2010-0004
  7. Chairman, BEAM Interiors Steering Committee
  8. Instructor, BEAM Professional Training courses
  9. Instructor, Assessor Training
  10. Director, BEAM Society Limited
  11. BEAM Society, Executive Committee Member
  12. Member, HKGBC Faculty
  13. Accredited HKGBC BESToo Assessor
  14. Green Globes Professional (GGP)

BEAM Consulting

Kelcroft provides the expertise you need to obtain the BEAM certification, including overall planning, strategy, interpretation, advice for the rating tool, credits and criterion.

Lost in the green building maze? call Kelcroft’s green building professional John A. Herbert today +(852) 2335 9830

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