Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella prevention in buildings risk assessment, John A. Herbert, Hong Kong

Everyday Legionella silently enter our buildings, provide the right environment and Legionella will proliferate causing the potentially fatal Legionnaires Disease. There is no silver bullet, vigilance is the only weapon. Based on decades of experience, Kelcroft provides on site assessments to help prevent Legionella in your building.

Contact Kelcroft +852 2335 9830 today to assess your building before it’s too late.

Our staff will attend your site to discuss your management structure, identifying any further training requirements, enabling the changes required to ensure that the risk can be assessed.

your Legionella risk assessment will be properly managed to minse your risk, Our assessor will examine all parts of the water systems on site and provide detailed assessment and reports on condition and Legionella risk including:

  • Specific reports will be provided on any remedial work or modifications necessary to the water system in order to reduce Legionella risk
  • Full schematic diagrams of the water system will be provided.
  • A full asset register and asset specific Legionella monitoring and management plan will be devised.

All the above will be included in a full written report with a review meeting with the risk to ensure a complete understanding of the results of the risk assessment.

Kelcroft also conducts assessments using the new ASHRAE Standard 188 Legionella risk assessment standard.