BEAM PLUS Existing Building (EB) Launch 24 March 2016

Kelcroft’s director Mr John A. Herbert attended the BEAM PLUS EV V2 launch at the Zero Carbon Building on 24 March 2016.
BEAM PLUS EB launch, John A. Herbert
Sec for Environment Mr K.S. Wong was one of the officiating guests. The latest version of BEAM EB has two alternative paths for compliance, either the Applicant can submit an application for the whole building (comprehensive) or by different stages (selective) the latter designed to provide more flexibility for building owners.


About Kelcroft

Kelcroft is a built environment consultant based in Hong Kong providing expertise in the green building and energy sectors.

Kelcroft featured in World Green Building Week 2012 by John A. Herbert

Kelcroft is a local Hong Kong based firm dedicated to a greener environment, and the sustainable building consultant for this innovative project featured as part of the World Green Building Week 2012.

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