BEAM Interiors

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BEAM Interiors rating tool for green offices Hong Kong

Hong Kong BEAM Interiors is a green building rating tool for offices, similar to LEED CI, its designed to encourage sustainable thinking at the office scale. It comprises 75 best practice criteria, and BEAM users will be familiar with the six categories:

  1. Site Aspects – 15 credits
  2. Material Aspects – 16 credits
  3. Energy Use – 25 credits
  4. Water Use – 8 credits
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality – 31 credits
  6. Innovation

Like the BEAM (formerly HK-BEAM) family of tools, it’s also independently assessed to ensure that the delivered product meets client expectations.

BEAM green building rating tool INTERIORS Kelcroft John Herbert
Credits cover aspects of the office environment under the tenant or owners control within the building. If your office is located in a BEAM certified building (with a valid certificate) with BEAM Interiors five credits are awarded.

Kelcroft’s expertise help building owners reap the benefits of greener buildings, including higher occupancy, higher rents, less absenteeism, coupled with lower use of resources.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage your green office credentials to your clients and customers, buyers surveys show us customers they prefer to buy from firms with environmental credentials and the first place to start is Greening your office.


UPDATE: BEAM Plus Interiors 2013 was launched August 2010.