Secret Life of Chillers by John A. Herbert

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Every energy audit is the same but different, the goal, searching for cost and energy savings is the same. whether its factory or office. And we follow the same published process, yet every energy audit guide attempts to detail how to identify those cost savings, and that is where the document evolves from its clinical, prescriptive list of requirements into vague generalizations because examining data, sometimes imperfect data, to find cost savings is more art than science. Continue reading

Leaking Ducts by John A. Herbert

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Air Conditioning is expensive and it is the highest portion of your energy, so after buying the central chiller plant, and the cost of energy to provide chilled water to air conditioning units, your precious and expensive conditioned air leaks out, through poor maintenance, wasting energy, and also causing condensation. It is the same as throwing the hundred dollar bills of the roof every day. In energy auditing, as in life, details matter.

Every fire damper in Hong Kong must be inspected annually, in air conditioned ductwork after a few years the access panel (shown in the photo above) is no longer air tight, allowing leakage of expensive cold air, and energy losses. Alone, each energy loss is not significant, across the Hong Kong millions are lost every year.

About the Author

John A. Herbert is a veteran engineer with more than 30 years construction experience, educated in the United Kingdom he has been working across Asia for the last two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA), and BEAM Professional.

thermal revelations with infra-red by John A. Herbert

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thermal scan hong kong, kelcroft

predicting spalling infra-red condition survey

Infra-red scanning tool is the latest high technology tool for surveying the condition of M&E services and buildings. the condition may appear normal to the naked eye, but infra-red imaging reveals subtle details not normally visible to humans and presents a false colour image for easy review.

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