Zero Landfill Facility

Become a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility

Dumping waste into a landfill site is simply not sustainable, its detrimental to the environment, the water we drink, and the air breathe. Prevention is far more economic than the cure, and with over 6 million tonnes of waste from Hong Kong alone every year, sooner or late the landfill options will expire.

Its reported in Hong Kong that 2015 is the overflow point, yet the real situation is likely to be much worse in future years, so that date could be sooner than expected.

Zero Landfill Facility

What is a  Zero Landfill Facility  (ZLF) it is facility that does not send any waste from their day to day operations operations to a landfill. The key to success is though better management, and of course recycling materials.


The public is tired of self reported claims, and who wouldn’t be, anybody can claim to be green these days, just look at dark sooty clouds emitted from allegedly “green” public buses and you get the picture. If your business intends to leverage green credentials, to be believable, you need Kelcroft’s independently assessed certification!

People that make decisions have little time, what is needed independent certificate from an independent body like Kelcroft to help us navigate our day, well be more productive than spending the day worrying if this claim is completely true or not. ISO 14000 is focused on managing waste, not managing the environmental impact of that waste.